As specialist builders of challenging and complex structures, Kinsol has developed a methodology for optimizing structure, digitally pre-planning our work, and stream-lining material procurement – all resulting in an efficient installation on site. 


We develop structural concepts in collaboration with the design team and client, provide rendered images and sketches defining scope of the design-build work for the structure and provide a fixed price for our scope of work. “Prevention Through Design” meetings involving key stake holders from the client, design and construction teams are an essential part of this phase. We then move into the detailed structural design, which is done in collaboration with our 3D modelers and often uses collaboratively-written algorithms to expedite design time. When sign-off is obtained on the final structural design, we commence with shop drawings, which are a direct export from the parametric model.


Material Procurement – This will overlap with design and detailing, especially for the long lead-time items. During this phase, we supervise our suppliers closely to ensure consistent high quality. We have strong relationships with multiple glulam and CLT manufacturers in Canada, the United States, and Europe, and are experienced in procuring this material for delivery regardless of origin country.

Shop Fabrication – Prefabrication in our shop follows from finalized shop drawings. Careful coordination allows for early fabrication of members and connections, with framing done using hand and CNC tools. Individual members are assembled into prefabricated building modules, where appropriate. The precision of these components directly contributes to the overall accuracy, quality and speed of site installation.

Site Assembly/ Installation – Site personnel assemble the various prefabricated members and modules into large assemblies on site for final erection. This sequence proceeds rapidly and involves a high degree of precision. Notably, prefabrication and pre-assembly greatly enhance site safety as it increases the amount of work that can be performed under ideal conditions.

Project Management – Our project managers participate early in the design process and continue to play a prominent role in the planning and execution of our projects. Early and consistent involvement promotes coordination through each phase of the project and allows for timely and thoughtful responses to any problems that arise.